By Rochelle Carr, Creative Director, Mosaic Marketing These days, we’re hearing a lot about diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). For many, gender, race and sexual orientation come to mind. However, people with disabilities should also be included in the conversation. Since the American with Disabilities Act was put into place in 1990, public places are […]

A Pro Photographer’s Tips to Look Your Best By Kenneth Wajda, Director of Video & Photography As a professional photographer, I am often in the position of helping people look their best. The tried and true rules of good photography can be applied to make you stand out (for all the right reasons!) in a […]

If you’ve noticed that news articles recently began capitalizing the word Black, here’s a bit of background. The Associated Press (AP) Stylebook provides guidelines on capitalization, terms, punctuation and more. Most news outlets follow AP style guidelines, as does Mosaic Marketing when we’re writing a press release or ghost writing an article for a client. […]

It’s always fulfilling to take a collective look at all of the materials that were developed for a specific campaign. This year was the 25th anniversary of the American Cable Association. From a brochure and program, to ads, www.ACASummit.org, promotional materials, event signage, media kit, digital media and more, we carried the CEO’s vision of a […]

The mission of Neu-Life Community Development is to empower children and youth with skills and strategies to make better life choices, and the organization has had an amazing impact in Milwaukee since 2002. To celebrate their many achievements, the nonprofit commissioned Mosaic to create a milestone wall. Starting with 22 milestones, our creative team organized […]

Whether your organization is a global powerhouse, a fledgling startup or a nonprofit, one of the most fundamental rules to marketing success is to have a consistent look across all marketing and communications. Unfortunately, this rule is easily and often broken. What’s the harm in changing up your color palette on the fly or introducing […]

In November 2016, for the first time in history more users accessed the web from mobile devices than a traditional computer. If your site is more than a few years old, it probably isn’t mobile friendly—which is a big problem if you’re working to drive traffic to your website. Mosaic Marketing designs user-friendly, engaging sites […]

In a digital world where provocative images and videos are used to grab our attention, it’s refreshing to see an ad that relies on words to make a memorable impression. It was a bold and potentially risky move to combine patriotism with politics, but it has definitely created a buzz for the brand. Smirnoff Pours […]