In a digital world where provocative images and videos are used to grab our attention, it’s refreshing to see an ad that relies on words to make a memorable impression. It was a bold and potentially risky move to combine patriotism with politics, but it has definitely created a buzz for the brand. Smirnoff Pours […]

It’s always nice when you can combine something you’re passionate about (education) with your professional expertise. Melissa Hicks, founder and CEO of Mosaic Marketing, was one of the chairs for St. Robert School’s Emerald Auction. Numerous members of Mosaic’s team shared their time and talent to drive home the James Bond theme of Live and […]

If your organization hosts the same event in the same city year after year, it’s critically important to have a strong theme to compel attendees to return. Since 2004, Mosaic Marketing has worked hand-in-hand with the staff at the American Cable Association to develop and implement the branding for its Annual Summit. This year’s nautical […]