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    Attracting Booth Traffic

    PROJECT DATE: 2015-Present | CLIENT: Engineered Rigging


    After launching the company in May 2015, ER’s executives wanted to leverage industrial trade shows to introduce their products to the industry. They decided to make their trade show debut at Breakbulk Americas in Houston, followed by PowerGen in Las Vegas. With more than 1,000 exhibitors at each show, ER needed a strategy to drive booth traffic.


    Mosaic Marketing designed the exhibit graphics, but we knew that a good-looking booth wasn’t enough. With more than 1,000 exhibitors at each show, we needed to do something unique to grab attendee’s attention. Breakbulk was held in late September, so we developed an Oktoberfest theme in the booth featuring German beer maids, cold beer and hot Bavarian pretzels. We promoted the event to attendees in advance, and had the beer maidens stroll the show floor handing out coasters inviting attendees to take advantage of the free beer.


    ER’s executives were thrilled when their fledgling company attracted a long line of attendees. It worked so well, we replicated the strategy at PowerGen, replacing the beer maids with Santa’s elves.


    Email Marketing Campaign
    Exhibit Booth Design; Marketing Strategy
    PowerPoint Presentations
    Promotional Materials
    Development of Sales Collateral
    Social Media
    Vendor Management